Shape Technologies Group is owned by American Industrial Partners (AIP). From the start, we have sought to leverage our deep expertise in machine-tool technologies to become a global leader in the manufacturing process solutions industry.

We are accomplishing this goal on a number of fronts, including: continued growth of our successful aftermarket lines of business; penetration into attractive, emerging end-markets that require highly advanced manufacturing processes and materials; and acquisition of companies which broaden our expertise and IP into other technology areas.

With long-term customers that rank among the world’s most successful companies, and with a highly efficient multiple-channel-to-market strategy, we are especially well positioned to take advantage of new business opportunities as they arise.


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Q: What is Shape Technologies Group?

A: Shape Technologies Group (SHAPE) is the umbrella organization for a growing family of companies that provide manufacturing process solutions including waterjet, robotic assembly, process control, industrial cleaning, surface preparation, parts and support. Our customers range from small operations to Fortune 50 companies both in the U.S. and in almost 100 countries around the world.

Q: Does SHAPE pursue other lines of business besides manufacturing process solutions?

A: In addition to providing products and services in our core cutting technology areas, SHAPE companies also provide industrial cleaning, surface preparation, hydrostatic testing, and automated assembly equipment and services. To support of the equipment we provide, we also have a strong aftermarket relationship with the customers. Our global aftermarket team provides equipment upgrades, ongoing onsite training, and maintenance contracts that help maximize their productivity. Our 40 years of experience is a significant differentiator, allowing us to support to our customers long after the initial installation of equipment.

Q: When was SHAPE founded? What is the outlook for the company’s future?

A: The first company within SHAPE was founded in 1970, when KMT Waterjet pioneered the use of ultrahigh-pressure water in manufacturing. Then, in 1974, Flow entered the waterjet arena and invented the abrasive waterjet in 1979.

In 2013, American Industrial Partners (AIP) purchased KMT Waterjet and then Flow to create Shape Technologies Group, formerly known as Waterjet Holdings, Inc.

As part of its ongoing strategy to become the leading provider of cutting, cleaning and a growing range of manufacturing process solutions, the company has acquired numerous complementary process technology and aftermarket providers. SHAPE plans to continue to invest organically and inorganically to deliver an ever-increasing portfolio of new products, technology, aftermarket, grow its worldwide presence across various industries and expand its ongoing aftermarket service business to better serve the needs of our customers.

Q: What is SHAPE’s financial position?

A: SHAPE benefits from a strong financial model that starts with supplying advanced process solutions to the manufacturing community, but then continues to support that community with aftermarket parts and services for life. Our solid aftermarket revenue and margin and our flexible cost structure enable sustained profitability and a strong cash position.

With a solid foundation, the company can quickly address and capitalize on new business opportunities as they are identified. SHAPE is well positioned for solid, sustainable growth into more and more sectors of the advanced manufacturing solutions marketplace.

Q: Who are SHAPE’s customers?

A: Our thousands of customers span some of the most recognizable names in industries such as aerospace, transportation, food, fabrication and other markets in which highly engineered products are manufactured. They range from small businesses of 10 to 20 employees all the way to Fortune 500 companies across the U.S. and nearly 100 countries worldwide.

Q: How does SHAPE approach their customer relationships?

A: At SHAPE, we treat all our customers as life-long partners. Their success is our success. As a result, our sole focus is understanding their problems and anticipating their needs, so that we can respond with innovative, custom-tailored solutions and all-encompassing support.

Q: What is the governance of SHAPE?

A: SHAPE is wholly owned and controlled by American Industrial Partners (AIP), a successful, respected mid-market private equity company. The team of AIP Partners is led by seasoned investment professionals who possess the rare combination of financial expertise coupled with extraordinary operational know-how. This powerful combination has yielded many successful investments in the manufacturing and industrial industry.

The SHAPE executive team is accountable to the Board of Directors, a governance body comprising of AIP partners, industry executives, and other AIP portfolio executives. This group helps steer capital investments, leadership recruitment, and technology development to drive the planned growth in the overall group of companies.