Chris Ewart

President, Shape Waterblast Group

Mr. Ewart is the President of Shape Waterblast Group (SWG). He has full P&L responsibility for Advanced Pressure Systems, Riverstone Pressure Systems, Aquadyne, and Flow Surface Prep, and leads all employees across their four global locations. Mr. Ewart is an immersive leader who enjoys finding the confluence of workplace culture, collaborative problem understanding, and maximizing customer value. Mr. Ewart career path has taken him on a broad journey from initial monetization of new verticals to company and culture stabilization.

Mr. Ewart has over 25 years of industrial and leadership experience and has been with SHAPE Technologies since 2020, developing and leading the Waterblast Sales Group for 2 years before taking over SWG in May of 2023. Prior to SHAPE Technologies, Mr. Ewart worked in the Industrial Measurement/Automation space and served in the United States Navy for 13 years, and considers being promoted to the rank of Chief in 2007 as one of his proudest accomplishments.

Mr. Ewart is currently completing a Bachelors of Nuclear Engineering Technology from Excelsior University, is a graduate of the LEAD Academy Program (The Institute for Postindustrial Leadership; University of Indianapolis) and was the Honor Graduate from his Naval Nuclear Power School Rate Class.