Whether you’re a first-time SHAPE customer or one of our oldest, you’ll find that a commitment to customer satisfaction drives our every action. After all, we serve many of the Fortune 50‘s top manufacturing companies. (And do you think they settle for second-best?)

On the other hand, many of our customers are under 20 employees. We know that a lot is riding on the products and services we provide to these smaller companies, and we take their success personally. We recognize that we win only when we provide all of our customers, regardless of size, with the best possible solutions and support at every opportunity.



At SHAPE we treat all our customers as life-long partners, knowing that our efforts today on their behalf will pay dividends tomorrow for all involved. We seek to build brand loyalty by carefully listening to our customers’ concerns, to fully understand their goals, and to provide all-encompassing support.


We work hard to anticipate our customers’ needs, responding with innovative, custom-tailored solutions and world-class support that improve productivity, increase accuracy and deliver maximum ROI. Our goal, quite simply, is to deliver the best products and services available anywhere in the world, now and into the future.


A manufacturing process solution is only as good as the aftermarket support it receives once implemented. Shape Technologies Group companies, together with our global partner network, provide seamless availability of the highest quality parts and servicing to maintain the effectiveness of our installed solutions.

“We focus on a true partnership with our customers, providing more than technology, but rather a total solution; partnering through the lifecycle.”

— David Savage


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