Shape Technologies Group is an ecosystem of companies that provide a broad portfolio of manufacturing process solutions to customers around the world. As a dynamic and forward-looking organization, we will continue to add new names to our roster as opportunities arise to expand the breadth of our offerings, enrich our intellectual property and better serve our customers.

As a company with global reach, we also benefit from multiple channels to market, both direct and indirect. With businesses to serve in nearly 100 countries, we look to staff our regional offices with seasoned professionals who are well-versed in the practices and customs of their local culture.

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Effective Intellectual Property (IP) is at the core of innovation. And at Shape Technologies Group, we’re uncommonly rich in IP. For example, in the area of waterjet technology, our member companies own more than 50% of all the patents ever issued. (Not surprising, considering that we invented the process.)

But patents aren’t the whole story — there’s also “People IP.” Among our team members you’ll find individuals who created the very technology that we apply every day to meet our customers’ needs. There is simply no competitive company anywhere that can match the depth of know-how residing in our ranks.